Tried & Tested: The Urbanears Luma Review

I’m normally a big old chunky over the ear headphones kind of guy but with the current need to wear a mask on the daily I was starting to find wearing them pretty annoying.

A few weeks back I switched over to the new Urbanears Luma earbuds instead to see how they’d compare top my previous headphones.

The Urbanears Luma earpods come in 4 colours but I opted for the minimalist Dusty White option. Inside the box, you’ll find a compact charging/carry case and a USB-C charging cable.

Urbanears Luma white earpods

Like most pod-style earbuds, the case, when fully charged holds enough power to provide the headphones with multiple charges so you never need to worry about them going dead, even if you’re out and about.

The setup was mega easy. I popped the buds in my ears and in just a few seconds time, I had them connected to my phone via BlueTooth and was able to listen to my Spotify favourites.

One thing that I did find a bit fiddly however is the controls on the Urbanears themselves. Each bud has a series of unmarked touchpoints that allow you to pause and skip tracks etc but this takes a bit of getting used to so I prefer still to simply use my phone.

The Luma are priced at £79 and with that in mind I wasn’t expecting the sound quality to be the best but I was actually quite pleasantly surprised. I found that once I had them in it was pretty immersive and although the bass is slightly lacking I had no complaints. For what I used these for, they met all my needs perfectly.

Lastly, they also made getting my facemask on and off much easier. There are no wires to get the straps tangled up in and you can easily take the mask off without having to remove the headphones.

We rate the Urbanears Luma a solid 4/5. For the price, these are a good looking, easy to use earbud that offers better than expected sound quality.

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