UK Street Styles For The Summer


Maybe it has a degree of sentimental value, but to be honest it’s probably time you considered throwing out that Lacoste tracksuit you bought in 2006. And while you’re at it, why not give your whole wardrobe a bit of a shakeup? With online stores like Z-Flex Skateboards offering exciting urban apparel options, there’s never been a better time to reinvigorate your look. Follow this guide to the best UK street styles for the summer and grab some gear to make sure you’re ahead of the game.


Whether you’re trying to make a bold statement or simply looking to disguise a receding hairline, the right hat can really set the perfect tone for your style. Get online and check out your options. Classic flat-brimmed baseball hats can be paired with t-shirts and jeans for an understated urban edge, while the right vintage hat can open a broad range of unique style options for the savvy online shopper.


Skinner fits are still the way to go with jeans, but where you take this look is really up to you. Some people will opt for a ripped, frayed effect. Others will go for a sleeker cut. Check out some online clothing stores and match a pair of jeans with jackets and shoes for the best style outcome. UK fashion trends feature fabrics showcasing darker towns of blue, black and brown to complement brighter accessories.


Make your jacket the centrepiece of your look. Options include a lighter, leather jack, cool, slim-fit blazer or even a nice denim coat to add a bit of character to your summer style. Head online and go for colours that complement the look of your shirt and jeans for the best look. Steer clear of anything too heavy-duty – underarm sweat patches and greasy foreheads are never going to be in style.


Here’s where it all comes together. There’s a range of online fashion options available so do a bit of research and find the shoes that suit. An old pair of Chuck Taylor’s will always look good, but don’t be afraid to splurge on a nice pair of Nikes to really get the style across. Bright colours look great matched with an understated jean, and old-school style can add an element of retro flair to your outfit.


In many ways, less is more here. A couple of neat, cool pieces can add an element of urban style to your look. Check out some online fashion outlets and do some research. Pair an understated necklace with a matching watch. It’s the little touches that really make a big difference here when you’re creating your style for 2014.

Ready to chuck that tracksuit out? Had this fashion advice been useful? Are there any other tips and tricks you’d suggest to someone looking to reinvigorate their look? Be sure to leave any style advice, suggestions and questions in the comments section below, and make sure you keep your eye on online outlets for exciting new urban apparel options.

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