Uncovering the ‘Brotox’ trend

The Everyday Man

Cosmetic injections are no longer the domain of women! Today, an ever-increasing number of men are turning to ‘Brotox’ and fillers to cover fine lines and wrinkles.

Regardless of whether you are male or female, it’s vital to ensure that the person administering your treatment is a qualified, highly skilled and experienced. You don’t want to trust just anyone to give you these injections. Seek out a highly effective practitioner, such as Dr Joseph Ajaka, and discuss the results that you want to achieve. Dr Ajaka and other cosmetic surgeons will explain the results that are possible for you and how the signs of aging can be reduced.

So, why do men love Botox?

The Botox trend is really catching on. Many men are opting for this treatment because of the effectiveness of its results but also because this cosmetic treatment involves no downtime. Usually, no time off work is required, and no unsightly marks and abrasions remain after the treatment has been done.

It seems there is a revolution happening in the way that men think about cosmetic procedures for themselves. While many men consider some wrinkles acceptable, it is when they see themselves as ‘old’ and taking on the appearance of their grandfather that they are prompted to take action. Hence, an ever-increasing number of men are taking action and seeking cosmetic injections.

Successful for men:

Some evidence shows that between 1997 and 2010, the percentage of men seeking injections was greater than the percentage of women seeking the same treatment. However, many men are also conscious of wanting the changes to be subtle; they are worried about looking as though they ‘have had work done’. For men in particular, it is often important to keep their experiences with anti-wrinkle injections private.

A new attitude for men:

While these procedures are growing in popularity for men, many cosmetic professionals are also observing that many men are committed to better care of their skin from an earlier age. For example, an increasing number of men are investing in quality skincare products for their skin and being more diligent about protecting their skin from the harmful effects of the sun.

Brotox for many reasons:

It seems that there are many reasons that male interest in anti-wrinkle injections have grown so significantly. As previously mentioned, many men prefer non-invasive treatments that require little or no recovery time.

Another reason for the increased popularity is tough economic circumstances and greater competition within the job market. Men are seeking an edge wherever possible and the experience of many men is that age is a definite disadvantage. The result is that men have a greater interest in treatments that subtly redress or delay the appearance of signs of aging.

The number of men who are interested in (and are accessing) cosmetic treatments is growing. Injections are no longer an approach to combat the signs of aging taken only by women. Now, men are turning to ‘Brotox’ to make their fine lines and wrinkles less obvious, and achieve a more youthful and fresh appearance.

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