Unlock Art: Browsing the International Art Market

The Everyday Man

The ‘Unlock Art’ film series was launched last month with a look at Performance Art.  This time around the focus shifts to ‘Shopping for Art’.  The exciting new film series from TATE and Le Meridien hotels enlist celebrity presenters to tell the story of each particular instalment.

Sally Phillips (star of Smack The Pony) delves into the history of ‘shopping for art’, art fairs and how we value each piece of art…

In the words of Damien Hirst “I don’t see what else you can spend your money on… if you want to own things, art is a pretty good bet.”

Not everyone, of course, has the kind of budget to go shopping for a piece by Picasso or a Mondrian, but with art, there is an entry-level that pretty much anyone can work with.  Afterall, some of those ’emerging’ artists of today will be the masters of tomorrow, you may just need to take the gamble!

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