#UnlockArt Women In Art

Performance Still 1985, printed 1995 by Mona Hatoum born 1952

Why are all the ‘great’ artists men?  Is it because they are better painters?  If you had asked me this question at the beginning of last week then you may have got a slightly questionable response along those lines. Is there actually a hidden reason for the lack of representation from the girls within the big galleries?  Surely there is a simple explanation…

The latest film in the #UnlockArt series from TATE and Le Meridien that I have recently been covering look at the role that women play in art and in particular the role they have held in the history of art.  Last Friday I was invited along to the lovely Le Meridien Piccadilly along with a band of bloggers to preview the film introduced by writer Jessica Lack.

‘Unlock Art:  Where Are The Women?’ is narrated by ‘Girls’ star Jemima Kirk and takes the usual witty but informative stance that has flowed through the series of bringing the story of art to a ‘wider audience’.  The bottom line is that like in so many other fields the girls were always a part of the movement they just failed to receive the recognition that they so often deserved.

Next month the attention turns to ‘Nudes’ as TATE and Le Meridien attempt to pinpoint the place of the naked form in the world of art.

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