Unveiling côte&ciel’s Tokyo-Inspired Fall/Winter ’23 Collection

In a celebration of innovation, Parisian label côte&ciel unveils the latest editorial in its Fall/Winter ’23 series, turning the lens towards the vibrant streets of Tokyo, Japan. As a city that holds a special place in the brand’s heart, being the location of its inaugural physical store, this editorial goes beyond fashion. It’s a deep dive into the connection between côte&ciel and the boundless inspiration drawn from the Japanese capital.

The Tokyo Connection: Returning to the streets of Daikanyama, Tokyo, where côte&ciel first opened its doors, the editorial captures the essence of a district offering respite from Tokyo’s bustling energy. Against a backdrop of brushed concrete and molded stone pillars, Daikanyama provides a serene canvas, bringing equilibrium to a city known for its dynamism. This location choice reflects côte&ciel’s desire to create a visual narrative deeply intertwined with Tokyo’s urban rhythm.

Collaboration with Tokyo’s Own: To enhance this connection, côte&ciel collaborated with Kosuke, an up-and-coming designer based in Tokyo, who also models the collection. This collaboration extends beyond the boundaries of fashion, as both côte&ciel and Kosuke share a common vision—pushing the limits of design innovation. It’s a creative partnership that adds an extra layer of authenticity to the editorial.

Exploring Fall/Winter ’23 Styles: The editorial showcases a diverse range of Fall/Winter ’23 styles, emphasizing the interplay between different côte&ciel systems. Highlighting petite accessories designed to enhance the wearer’s interaction with their environment, côte&ciel introduces functional elements like the Lanyard, RingO, and LetGo keychains. These small but impactful attachments seamlessly integrate with larger backpacks like the Avon and Nile, showcasing the brand’s commitment to practical innovation.

Textures Reflecting Surroundings: Adding depth to the collection are fabrications like Robin and Raven, whose textures and surfaces mirror the surroundings. These materials adapt to the changing light, either basking in natural light or seamlessly blending into the shadows. It’s a testament to côte&ciel’s attention to detail, creating pieces that resonate with the urban landscapes they inhabit.

Behind the Lens: The editorial’s styling and photography, expertly handled by Graeme Gaughan, and assisted by Ken, bring the collection to life. Modelled by N00b, the editorial captures the essence of côte&ciel’s Tokyo-inspired Fall/Winter ’23 collection.

Explore the full Fall/Winter ’23 collection at côte&ciel’s Website.

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