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Trendhim men's bracelets

If there was ever a time to be good to yourself, it’s now. After months of dressing up in PPE to go out and styling down with sweatpants to stay in, it’s time to treat yourself with a well-deserved gift.

We’re not talking about a downpayment on a luxury villa in the French Riviera… although your socially-distant self is surely deserving. We’re referring to an addition to your bracelet collection that’ll upgrade your wrist game and make anyone on the other end of a Zoom call jealous.

And as an exclusive offer to our readers, Trendhim is giving their most-popular Black on Black Roy bracelet FREE with every order over £25.

Trendhim men's bracelets

If your style arsenal doesn’t already include a bracelet (or several), you’re missing out. Not only are they one of the easiest men’s accessories to actually wear, but they also tell something about you without having to say a word.

But bracelets aren’t perfect.

Sure, they look great… but what happens when you type and the beads jab into your wrist? Or when you pull on your favourite cashmere sweater and the metal snags it… ruining all of Nana’s hours of knitting.

That’s where the Roy Bracelet collection from Trendhim comes in. Soft, flexible leather and durable super fibre cords lay flat against your wrist, making it comfortable and easy-to-wear, no matter how many sweaters Nana sends you or emails you type to say thanks.

Designed as instant multiple bracelets, this collection takes the struggle out of having to match a stack or feeling like 1 just isn’t enough. And if you’re worried that a bracelet can’t keep up with your active lifestyle (don’t worry, you’ll get it back!), think again.

Most bracelets have locks that are glued on and end up falling off when life gets hard. Each bracelet in the Roy collection has a surgical-grade stainless steel lock that’s screwed on for added security. Plus, the links are removable – add another one or take one out for the perfect fit.

Combine that level of secure comfort with the fact that black matches everything in your closet and you’ve got a bracelet that fits any season and any story.

Trendhim men's bracelets

Lots of things in our lives help us look good, but how many have the power to tell stories? From Danish-designed watches to handmade bracelets – Trendhim believes men’s accessories are more than what meets the eye. And they’re giving away free bracelets to prove it.

When you think of storytelling you probably don’t immediately think of rings, necklaces, sunglasses or bracelets. But that’s exactly what Trendim’s creators thought of when they started their Danish company in 2007.

“All great stories have details. For me, it started when I bought my first necklace. When I put it on, it became part of my style and helped me express who I was then. We all do it – with clothes, cars, and even the foods we cook. These things make up who we are and help tell our stories to ourselves and those around us,” explains Mikkel Andersen, Creative Director. 

Trendhim knows that we’re all more than one story. The way we express that isn’t the same today as it was last year or even last week. The man who nailed the job interview has something different to say when he’s out with mates on the weekend (yes, that’ll happen again, too). Your story changes.

To help get your story started, take advantage of Trendhim’s offer for a Free Black on Black Roy bracelet with every order over £25. It’s exclusively for our readers, so don’t wait until they’re gone.

Trendhim men's bracelets

How to get your free bracelet:

  1. Follow this link 
  2. Shop for over £25
  3. Your bracelet will become free before checkout

*The free Black on Black Roy bracelet offer is valid until 5 March 2021 or while stock lasts. The offer is activated only by using the designated link. The offer can not be claimed after the purchase was made and requires a minimum purchase of £25.

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