USN CLA Raspberry Ketones


USN ambassador Ryan Terry recently helped to launch a new product aimed at individuals looking to lose weight and get that ‘toned’ look.  I am guessing that is pretty much everyone then?

CLA, or Conjugated Linoleic Acid, is also naturally occurring and helps improves fat utilisation as a primary energy source making this combination of product a really unique offering to the UK Weight Control market. CLA is naturally occurring in a variety of foods, the Tonalin brand of CLA assures the highest quality and most researched of all CLAs.

Tonalin CLA helps to combat fat storage whilst promoting lean body mass, the CLA Raspberry Ketones provides  a fruity supplement from the USN Weight Control Range.

With many weight control supplements across the market provided in capsules, USN has decided to offer their new product in powder form, giving consumers an easily mixable blend which offers the same benefits as a capsule, but is easier to take and offers a fruity taste.


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