Waku Waku, Manchester’s First 2D Restaurant

Right in the heart of Manchester, a vibrant new gastronomic adventure awaits. Say hello to Waku Waku, the city’s first 2D restaurant that’s bound to take your dining experience to a whole new dimension. 

Designed by the renowned illustrator Manami Sasaki, Waku Waku is a feast for the eyes as much as it is for the palate. It’s like stepping into a manga book with its monochrome, line-drawn interior creating a unique and enchanting ambience. 

“We wanted to create a space that captures the spirit of Japanese manga, while offering a unique dining experience. The result is Waku Waku, a place where fantasy meets reality.” – Manami Sasaki

Now, let’s talk about what’s really important: the food! Waku Waku serves up a delightful fusion of Japanese and Western cuisine. 

  • Ramen Burgers: A unique twist on the traditional burger, replacing the bread with ramen noodles.
  • Takoyaki Tacos: The popular Japanese snack takoyaki transformed into a tasty taco.
  • Mochi Ice cream: The perfect dessert to round off your meal, featuring mochi (Japanese rice cake) filled with ice cream.

Waku Waku is conveniently located at Spinningfields, Manchester’s dynamic business district. So whether you’re looking for a quirky lunch spot or a distinct dinner date, Waku Waku is the place to be.

Waku Waku, 54 Portland St, Manchester M1 4QU

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