Most Wanted: Deji George Pocket Squares

The Everyday Man

Pocket Squares can be often overlooked however they can finish off your look perfectly in the same way that pair of shoes or statement handbag can top a females outfit.  They are a little guilty pleasure of mine actually I probably have more pocket squares than I do suits.  That is the beauty of these small silk squares.  They can transform the look of a plain suit depending on your occasion.

These days you can pick them up right up and down the high street but I prefer to search out designs that are a little more unique.  Deji George landed on my radar and I fell in love with the collection.  Founded by Tolani Tubi, Deji George places a great deal of emphasis on the fusion of art, culture and design.  In doing so they blend sartorial and cultural influences which create some aesthetically wonderful pieces for the evolving gent.

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