Watch: Paul Woolford ‘Untitled (Call Out Your Name)’

Paul Woolford Untitled

DJs have hammered it, fans have praised it, tastemakers and press alike have pored over its merits.  Finally there is a video to go alongside Paul Woolford’s compelling track ‘Untitled (Call Out Your Name’.

‘Untitled (Call Out Your Name)’ lays a foundation on which Woolford balances a timeless piano line and thumping bass stabs with Andrea Martin’s powerful vocal. Originally the featured vocal on Switch’s ‘I Still Love You’, Woolford has deftly extrapolated the refrains he used on his initial club edit to create a new vocal version. Executed with an air of restrained class and given the nod of approval by Switch himself, the fuller vocal becomes the galvanising element in making ‘Untitled (Call Out Your Name) a truly stand out moment.

A tough exterior with a warm core, ‘Untitled (Call Out Your Name)’ straddles the line between house, techno and bass whilst retaining an appeal that makes it stand out outside of a club setting. This is Woolford hitting stride and showcasing some of his best production traits in serious style.

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