We Love: A few little things that are helping us to beat the January blues

You Season 2

As always I’ve jotted down a few of my favourites things this month that are distracting from the horror movie that is January.

The good news is that spring is on the way but the bad news is we have a few months of (mist likely) horrendous weather to get through first. Here’s hoping that a few of these help to brighten your month too…

F45 Training

Would it really be a January roundup without the mention of a fitness kick? I really don’t think that it would.

F45 is nothing new, in fact it’s pretty much taken over the globe but finally there’s a location near me so this month I’m very much on a F45 mission.

F45 is functional group training that encourages participants through innovative exercises that result in body transformations in as little as 12 weeks. The F stands for functional and the 45 is how long the class runs for.

You Season 2 on Netflix

It’s too cold, too dark and I’m too skint to venture too far this month but thankfully Netflix is crammed full of top notch shows to keep me entertained.

You, if you have not seen it yet has just returned to the streaming for its second season and follows the creepy as ever Joe Goldberg as he sets up a new life in Los Angeles.

If you watched season 1 and didn’t think things could get much more intense, you were wrong…!

Sebago Chelsea Boots

With the weather showing absolutely no sign in improving just yet, I’m not quite ready to return to my normal uniform of bright white sneakers.

This month I’ve swapped them for a pair of the Suede Polaris Chelsea Boots from Sebago and I love them.

They’re a modern looking boot but have been inspired by the Swinging-London scene from the 1950s and ‘60s. They are made of waterproof soft oiled suede so they are ideal if it’s rainy too.

The best thing about them is that much like my trainers, these boots are comfortable to wear and can be easily smartened up or worn more casually.

Avant Skincare Anti-Ageing Glycolic Firming Eye Cream

I was sent over a sample of this eye cream from Avant quite a while back but I had never got a chance to try it. Well, I may have forgotten that I had it in all honesty but a few late nights on the trot over the holidays reminded me.

It’s a pricey little pot as £99 for a tiny 10ml pot but it’s promises to combat crow’s feet, wrinkles, dark circles and under-eye bags had me intrigued!

It’s enriched with Hyaluronic and Glycolic Acid and aims to penetrate the skin deeply, boosting its firmness whilst treating blackheads, dullness and oiliness for a youthful appearance.

I’ve been dabbing it around my eye area for a few weeks now and I have noticed a difference. In fact the skin feels a bit firmer and (I think) I look generally a bit fresher too.

Holiday Planning

If all else fails this month, then there’s nothing like a bit of holiday planning to brighten up my mood.

I’ve just booked a few days mini-break for the middle of February but I’m looking towards the end of the year and wondering what else I can fit in/afford.

I’m a big fan of a cruise holiday and this year see’s quite a few exciting new ship launches from the big cruise companies and also the first from new kids on the block, Virgin Voyages.

Scarlett Lady will set sail from Miami this Spring and to celebrate the launch Virgin Voyages are currently offering a great deal of up to $400 onboard spend if you book through our exclusive link. Not too shabby.

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