We love: CDLP Underwear

CDLP Underwear

I realise that underwear is a bit of a divisive item of clothing. Some of us are brand loyal, some of us are style loyal and some of us, em go without it entirely!

It’s pretty hard, therefore, to take someone’s word for it in terms of comfort and fit as that all depends on our bodies and our tastes.

CDLP is a brand whom I had never heard of before spring of this year but since I found them and tried their underwear I’ve become quite a fan so I thought that I should share my insights with you too.

Hailing from Sweden, CDLP specialises in men’s underwear, swimwear and loungewear and having worn their briefs for the past few months, they are now my favourite pick from my underwear drawer, but why?

Well, the fabric is a big pull for sure. They are made with Lyocell, a luxurious silk-like material which offers supreme softness and superior comfort. It naturally wicks moisture away whilst maintaining shape and colour. My CDLP’s have been through the wash numerous times now and they still retain their deep black colouring and shape.

At £28 a pair, these are a bit of a steep investment but it’s one worth making as they will last you and they look and feel good one. Trust me on this one.


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