We Love: Take Monday Travel Cases

Take Monday travel case

We might not be travelling very far at the moment but that doesn’t mean that we can’t prop for our next big trip, right?

Is there anything worse when travelling, or any other time to be fair than that panicked hunt through your bags to find something that you need? I’ve been there – often at an airport gate – when I suddenly realise I forgot to pull my headphones/charger cable/passport or similar from my bag.

Take Monday Travel Cases are a product which should make organising your bits and bobs all the much easier. The clear cases are available in various sizes and as they are obviously see-through, you can quickly locate the items that you need.

The non-leather, vegan-friendly cases range in price from €47 for the smallest pouch through to €70 for the largest option and are available in white, orange and black.

I’m going to be adding a few of these to my wishlist for sure.


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