My week of Eating, Sleeping & Training like a Williams Racing Driver

The Everyday Man

With the racing weekend of motor racing taking place this weekend you can guarantee that it’s not only the cars that have been subject to fine tuning over the past few weeks.  To get behind the wheel of a Formula 1 car takes a lot of training and commitment from the drivers too.  Of course driver skill and endurance is pretty much the key to success but just like any other sportsman the drivers are required to follow a strict diet and training plan too.

The F1 Driver Training Regime

We think of footballers, rugby players and those who play the more ‘active’ sports as being super fit but what does it take to compete in a sport like F1?  Well we have teamed up with Sure and Williams Racing to see how drivers like Valtteri Bottas and Felipe Massa get race fit.

For the past week I have been following a custom training and nutrition plan that has been crafted by the Williams Racing nutritionist similar to that used by the leading F1 drivers as they prep for a big race. As well as that I have been using the special edition Sure Men Williams Racing antiperspirant with Motionsense to keep me cool and protected throughout.

The workout plan

I go to the gym pretty much every day anyway so I was looking forward to giving the Williams Racing training regime a go and mixing up my current gym flow.  Normally when I train I focus on split days. So, for example, I do chest on Monday, Legs on Tuesday etc. but under this plan the days were divided up more broadly.

Monday was resistance day and as you would expect included lots of shrugs and neck exercises, an area that I don’t often pay too much attention too.  It was good to put focus into something new but boy did it feel it over the course of the following days!  Tuesday and Wednesday were a lot more cardio-focused with HIIT and Circuits being the order the day respectively.

Thursday was more like my regular gym workout except that instead of focusing on one area it was all about improving strength overall.  Just before I ran out of gas entirely, I finished my week with an epic session of cardio on Friday.  It seemed like a pretty intense week but I think that was due to the fact it was all new to me.  I imagine after a few weeks on this plan things would get a lot easier and ultimately a lot more fun too.

The Everyday Man

The diet plan

The Williams Racing diet plan, as you would expect focuses on healthy foods and works on macros of 40% protein, 40% Carbs and 20% (healthy) fats.  Each of the suggested meals took an average of 10 minutes to prep, which is pretty good going and makes it hard to use the excuse that eating healthy is a lot of effort.

My week started with a trip to the supermarket to stock up on all of the fresh food that I would need for my week of healthy eating.  The thing that I liked the most about the suggested eating plan was the flexibility of it.  They suggest lots of things that you can swap in and out if you don’t like a particular food; I found this made it easier to follow the plan.

Breakfasts included protein pancakes, smoothies and omelettes (which are all among my favourite foods anyway) and the main meals were varied but I stuck mainly to my old faithful, ‘the meal prep classic’ which consisted of chicken breast, sweet potato, broccoli and kale.

The Sure Antiperspirant

As I mentioned above, during my week living the life of an F1 driver I was also trialling the special edition Sure Men Williams Racing antiperspirant with Motionsense.  Motionsense is the world’s first antiperspirant that is directly activated by movement so I was keen to see how it worked out and how dry it kept me during my training.

Normally I prefer to use a roll-on deodorant so this product was quite a change-up for me and initially, it took a little getting used to but I was pretty impressed.  I liked the fresh citrusy scent too, which was apparent but not too over-powering.

Sure Williams Racing antiperspirant with Motionsense technology is available now from Boots RRP £3.29 (price is at the sole discretion of individual retailers)



Photo Credit: Cal McDougall

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