What are your clothes saying about you?

Nick Wooster

Clothes make the man and it’s true, to a certain extent. What no-one should ever be judged on appearances, what you wear creates an image and gives others a perception of you. Let’s face it, if you’re a smartly turned out, in a crisp suit and impeccably-polished brogues, people are going to assume you’re a successful professional – certainly more so than a guy with scuffed pumps and torn jeans.  But have the boundaries changed as men get more experimental and confident in their personal style?

We all do it though, we see someone and instantly come to some judgements based on appearance and the clothes that they are wearing.  How often is this correct?

Here’s a quick – and not at all scientific – look at what the kind of clothes you wear might say about you as a man

Strictly Business

In your professional career, you don’t consider wearing anything less than a suit – perhaps ditching the tie on Fridays if your employer operates a ‘dress down’ policy. Outside of work, you don’t tend to stray too far away from your ideals.
For weekend drinks or lunches with friends and family, your idea of casual is pairing smart dark jeans with an open-necked shirt and blazer – something from like from Dobell for example.

If this is you: You’re confident, organised and focused, but need to loosen up a little in your own time.

Sports Guy

You have constructed your life almost entirely around sport. If it’s not your career – fitness trainer, PE teacher – then you’ve love it to be. Whenever possible, you’re in sportswear; shorts around the house, trainers. You look like you’re always poised to spring into action and hit the gym or run a quick 10K. If you’re socialising, you’ll reluctantly pull on jeans and a polo shirt, while grumbling. People gasp in surprise if you wear a shirt.

If this is you: You’re all-action and hate sitting still, but need to separate your hobby from your home life.


The Individualist
What’s your style? You’re not entirely sure – it’s hard to classify as you have your own unique dress sense. If you sport a beard, bow tie and dark-rimmed glasses with clear lenses, mix and match colours and genres, and often look as if you’ve just grabbed an item from five or six different retailers and chucked an outfit together, you might well be labelled ‘a Hipster’. It’s a compliment, really.

If this is you: You’re an individual and happy to express your personality, if a touch eccentric.

Mr Casual

‘I just wear whatever I feel comfortable in,’ you say with a shrug. That’s okay, to a point, but jogging bottoms, decade-old t-shirts and hoodies two sizes too large have a time and a place – usually when lounging on a sofa fighting off a cold. If this is your default outfit seven days a week, you’re turning ‘casual’ into ‘slob’.

If this is you: You might be perfectly content chilling out 24/7 but everyone else sees a lack of pride and effort.

The Try Hard

Whatever is trending, you’re on it – scouring the pages of menswear magazines and browsing the latest articles online. You’re happy to pay through the nose for items you’re not really that into – don’t even really like, to be honest – but if ‘experts’ are telling you what to wear, that’s good enough for you. You’re ahead of the game when it comes to clothes.

If this you: You’re a committed dresser and the envy of friends, but they find your on-trend ambition a bit intimidating. You need to find your own style.


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