What should you wear on a first date?

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So you both swiped right, chatted back and forth for a bit and things seem to be going ok. It’s time for the first date.   But where do you go? What do you wear? Who makes the first move? These are all things worth having a little thought about in advance.

It’s important to get the location right for a first date; this can set the tone for the night so will take some careful consideration. Forget about your favourite boozer or the place you meet the lads for food on a Sunday afternoon, and opt for somewhere a little bit more special. Do some digging (social media stalking) and find out the kind of places your date normally frequents. If they turn up and like the venue then it’s an easy way to score some brownie points right off the bat.

Once you have settled on the venue the next challenge is what to wear.   Some people think that us guys have it easy when it comes to dressing for an important event or meeting but we both know that’s not the case. We share all the same worries and insecurities as women do. There are lots of us who get stressed about what to wear, especially if we are trying to make a good impression.

As it’s actually Men’s Health week this week, Tena Men have just sent me over some stats with me around men’s physical and mental health. You may be surprised to hear that 40% of men feel overly stressed or anxious at least once a week. That’s almost half of us, so the last thing we want to do is to be giving ourselves extra to worry about.

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My number 1 rule of dressing for a first date is that you need to be comfortable, it goes without saying but it will make you feel more relaxed. Of course you will want to make a bit of an effort but don’t hide from the ‘real’ you.   Your own personal style should still shine through. What you wear is a great topic of conversation, so if your date asks you about what you’re wearing you should be able to naturally speak about it.

It’s best to go smart-casual too, it will see you through most of the eventualities of where the night might take you…


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