Which Gola are you?


Retro is still in this summer with a plethora of ‘heritage brands’ currently riding a rather large resurgence wave, here in the UK anyway.  All those sportswear brands in particular that we remember from growing up are now right back in fashion and we wonder why they ever went away.  Well they say a break is as good as a change right?

Gola are one of these labels who are plying their wares against the new boys on the block.  Their first factory was established in 1905 and a mere 110 years later they are still producing goods here in the UK.  Bravo!

The latest campaign by the footwear brand ‘Which Gola Are You?’ asks you to select a style from their vast range which best suits your personal style.


I love the idea behind the ‘Made in England’ range and the fact they are still produced in a humble little workshop but for the style that best suits me I have chosen the blue and white Quota plimsole. which I have styled up with some simple skinny jeans and you have guessed it a plain white t-shirt.  A great clean summer look.

Head over to gola.co.uk and discover ‘Which Gola Are You?’.  When you select your signature style share it with us by leaving a comment below or by dropping us a message on twitter @everyday_man.


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