Why are vinyl records booming again in popularity?

grayscale photography of person playing turntable

Once thought to be extinct and the things that only disc jockeys spun on the regular, vinyl records are experiencing somewhat of a resurgence in popularity. With record sales surpassing CD sales every year since 2020, purchasing music on vinyl is a new pastime – and has even got the under-thirties excited.

Just when we thought that streaming was the future, it’s nice to see these glossy PVC circles come back to life and take their rightful place in popular culture once more. But what’s the reason behind their recent surge in popularity? Here are four reasons why.


Nothing replaces the feeling of holding vinyl records in your hands, brushing your fingers over the ridges, and popping it onto the record player for unparalleled music quality. With streaming giants making music a one-sense sensation, the act of holding a vinyl has been missing from the customer experience for a while now.

There’s something about the tangibility of a vinyl that builds a deeper connection between the listener and the music. Plus, it’s not always readily available to you so it makes the experience all the more special.

Increased availability

Once upon a time, searching for a vinyl would demand hours going through the shelves in a store. Now, mainstream stores and online retailers are making the act of buying vinyl records much easier and more convenient.

Plus, with more people starting to become aware of their screen time and internet consumption, vinyls take you back to the basics and offer no other distractions.

Sound quality

For true music aficionados, this is at the very top of the priority list. Modern digital audio is normally compressed into smaller files that can be streamed easily. This is because they need to use as little bandwidth as possible so that the files can load relatively quickly.

Vinyl, however, boasts a vastly superior sound quality due to it not being in a digital format and it enjoys maximal bandwidth for a far richer sound and a more immersive listening experience.

Precious rituals

There’s something ritualistic about slipping a vinyl out of its sleeve, slotting it into the turn table and placing the needle just-so. It takes us back to the basics, encouraging us to give the music our full attention and fully appreciate it in its most beautiful form. For many, vinyl represents escaping the busy everyday whilst for others, it might be reminiscent of other times in their life. There’s no denying that vinyl holds a special emotional power.

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