The Wood Wood x Timberland Capsule Collection has just launched

Wood Wood Timberland

I’ve always had a soft spot for Timberland. It was where I worked part time while I was at University and I’ve still got a few pairs of the iconic yellow boots while I dig out each winter.

As great at the classic Timberland lines are, it’s exciting to see them mix things up a bit and their latest collaboration with the streetwear brand Wood Wood is the perfect example.

Wood Wood Timberland
Wood Wood Timberland
Wood Wood Timberland

Built around the line’ Cooperation across borders’, the collection is a tribute to those who are out exploring new territory.

A few Timberland icons have been given a re-working by Wood Wood as part of the capsule collection too.

Timberland’s iconic 6inch Winter Extreme boot is made in a ‘desert wind nature’ leather with polished silver eyelets and is one that will stay with you for a long while.

Another of the collaborations definite highlights is a raincoat jacket and fleece jacket that can be combined to battle all the elements or used separately.

The collection also features dual- branded hoodies, sweatshirt and T-shirts in the collaborations autumn colour palette.

The Timberland x Wood Wood ‘Cooperation across borders’ collaboration pre-launches at Wood Wood stores today.


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