Wunderlocke Hotel Munich: A Cool and Chic base for a Weekend in the City

A weekend in Bavaria’s capital has got to mean good food, legendary beer (and mate, do they mean legendary), culture-rich meandering, a touch of art, and some big-ass buildings with remarkable architecture. But where does one crash out after such a day, you ask? Wunderlocke Munich, that’s where. It’s an absolute gem tucked away in the sprawling city of Munich, injecting a fresh, modern twist into your Bavarian adventure. 

Sitting pretty in pretty Munich, the Wunderlocke isn’t just any hotel – oh, no my dear friends. It’s nothing short of an urban oasis. With a distinctive, modern feel mixing seamlessly with the rustic authenticity of Munich, this spot is a must-visit for all the cool cats planning a weekend getaway to the Bavarian capital.

So, I could wax lyrical about the prime position – mere steps from an underground station – letting you zip into the city centre quicker than uttering ‘Do you speak English?’, but let’s dive into the accommodation details first. Wunderlocke boasts a delightful array of rooms, each one individually and, can I add, rather humorously designed. It’s more than your typical ‘walk in and collapse on the bed’ scenario. Here, rooms are generously proportioned, showcasing a pleasing colour palette that marries the soothing tones of subdued greys and blues with the sparkling vibrancy of rich oranges and deep reds. 

Nobody wants to stay in a room where the bathroom size competes with that of a pea, and the good news here is: you won’t have to. The ensuite bathrooms are equally spacious, and well equipped with fresh, snow-white towels that honestly felt as fluffy as clouds in a summer sky. To top things off, there were complimentary organic toiletries that smelled heavenly enough to be bottled as perfumes. 

Where Wunderlocke really shines is in its communal areas. The rooftop garden (yes, you read that right!) hosts cosy corners, perfect for kicking back with a cold one taking in the urban panorama. Mornings are enchanted in the coffee shop, where you can enjoy a cup of Munich’s finest roast whilst planning your adventurous day out. Add a dash of ambience with some live soft jazz in the background, and you’ve got yourself an experience you won’t forget in a hurry. 

Feeling adventurous? Why not try a splash in the outdoor heated swimming pool? No need to worry if the sun’s not exactly splitting the trees right now, it doesn’t have to be midsummer for you to enjoy a refreshing morning dive.

So, what’s the verdict? Well, if you’re looking to ramp up your cool index, and want a cushy haven smack bang in the middle of Munich, the Wunderlocke has got you covered. As someone who’s been there, done that, and shamelessly nicked a biodegradable pen from the front desk – I’d say it’s a place worthy of your bucket list.

Wunderlocke, Sendling, Gmunder Str. 27, 81379 München, Germany

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