You can now try Peloton’s home workout app free for 90 days

peloton home workout app

if your gym has not taken the decision to close just yet then it’s likely that it will in the very near future. If you’re anything like me then that sounds pretty brutal but thankfully there are options.

Lots of gyms and personal trainers are offering home workouts that you can follow or try out while you’re stuck at home but if like me you lack a little motivation then Peloton might be just what you need.

Normally Peloton offer a 30 day trial of their app but for the time being they are offering new users 90 days free access to their workouts before their £12.99 a month subscription kicks in.

You don’t need to own a Peloton branded bike or treadmill to take part in their workouts. You can participate in a variety of yoga, HIIT, stretching, strength trainer and other classes from home with just a small amount or no kit.

Sign up to Peloton and get started with your first workout by heading over to


  1. Can beginner also dos this as compared to Gym where instructors are available and at home doing self workout may take time?

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