How cool would it actually be to go into Space?  Pretty epically cool in fact.   In reality though if I was to go into orbit I would most likely crap my pants.  That is why the latest campaign from energy drink Emerge caught my attention.

At a mere 35p a can Emerge can’t quite match the big budget space drop type stunts dreamed up by the bigwigs Red Bull.  They are however offering fans the chance to at least get their face in space– a kind of budget space expedition if you will.  Hence in their latest video, you’ll see a dude hitching a lift to space on a bunch of balloons, floating into the clouds to the smooth sounds of ‘The Joker’ by The Steve Miller Band (which is a still pretty groovy sounding tune by the way).

So space cowboys, what are you waiting for – #YourFaceInSpace.

Simply visit their app http://apps.facebook.com/emergespace, upload a selfie and the winning face will be sent stratospheric for all their mates (and the world) to see. Let’s be realistic, it’s probably the closest you’ll ever get to becoming an astronaut!



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