3 things that stylish men should avoid

stylish man

Being a stylish man goes beyond dressing well. Certain attributes set you apart, causing you to shine bright. Indeed, your style can leave a positive impression on other people’s minds while opening great opportunities for you. Moreover, a stylish man is difficult to ignore or disrespect, so keep this in mind. However, it’s worth noting that there are certain things that you should never do as a fashionable man, including the following. 

Lacking confidence 

Regardless of how fashionable you dress, you may not come off as stylish if you lack confidence. Admittedly, people notice if you feel great or nervous about whatever you wear. Therefore, ensure you are comfortable with your style choices before stepping out. If you’re now finding your fashion statement, you can experiment with different looks with whatever clothing items and accessories are in your closet. While at it, practice wearing your attires at home until you have built your confidence.

Speaking positive affirmations in front of a mirror can he;p, so feel free to consider this. You can also consider walking around your neighbourhood or visiting the grocery store in your new style and notice how others respond to you. This way, you can get helpful feedback that can boost your self-esteem even more. 

Wearing wrinkled attire 

It’s important to avoid wearing wrinkled attire out in public. It makes you look sloppy and unkempt, and people may also view you as careless with your life. This can be especially harmful if you have a job interview or a business meeting, as your shabby clothing can cause you to lose a good opportunity. You should note that linen, rayon, and cotton are more prone to wrinkles due to their highly absorbent texture. Washing and drying, ironing, and sweat can cause wrinkles, so keep this in mind. Therefore, ensure that your clothes are always wrinkle-free. Fortunately, this can be achievable with the right tips. For instance, you should wear your clothes only when they are dry and cool. Consequently, use some starch while ironing for a crisp look, and wear the right clothing size. Using a spray bottle while ironing can also smoothen out wrinkles, so feel free to leverage this. 

Blindly following trends 

Fashion trends often come and go, and catching up in the craze is easy. However, blinding following these fads may be more detrimental than beneficial. For starters, you’d be wasting money on clothing items that may go out of style some months later. Moreover, discarding irrelevant clothing items regularly may be unsustainable, as you’d be contributing to the landfills. Therefore, you want to avoid falling for fast trends. Instead, invest in timeless clothing and accessories, as they stay in style always. For instance, you can invest in white and blue shirts, as they can match suits and chinos. Likewise, you can get a blazer, sports coat, denim jeans, sneakers, belts, and high-quality shoes. Sweaters, t-shirts, polo shirts, and cold-weather coats should also grace your wardrobe. While at it, consider purchasing your clothing from reputable contemporary brands such as about:blank to get value for money. 

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