Most Wanted: Casio G-Shock Watches

Casio G Shock Black Gold

Bold, chunky, coloured watches may be commonplace these days, but back in 1983 G-Shock led they way in cutting edge watch design.  Over the years they have worked with the likes of Eminem on limited edition collections and recently designed their very own 30th anniversary range.

As they head into their 31st year we decided to take a look at some of the new Autumn timepieces available from G-Shock.  These really are the daddy of all sports watches, they just look the business on your arm.  Maybe not quite the way a Rolex or Breitling would but they do emanate a presence all of their own.  Just as with a Rolex people will instantly recognise the brand that you are sporting.

The latest collection (found at Northern Threads) features more of the same well designed, durable classics as you might expect.  For the ravers out there the vivid purple DW-6900 with its bold blue face demands some attention.

If you are not quite as adventurous there is the GA-110GB watch, which forms part of the new black and gold collection.  A luxurious and sophisticated chassis with a metallic gold eye-catching dial.

G Shock watches are perfect for everyday wear – tough and durable without lacking in design or style.  Starting at £95, what’s not to love?  Shop here!


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