5 Secret tips to look after your tyres in lockdown

car tyre care tips

Lockdown has altered the state of the world. Many cars are left unused and with nowhere to go, we have no other option but to store our vehicles in our garage. If you are not driving, the state of both your cars and tyres is going to deteriorate. This can have long lasting implications and you will have to pay maintenance bills later. Common belief is that as you are not covering extra miles, it is good for your car. But it works the other way round. 

You don’t need to worry now as a local tyre expert has the best tyre advice for lockdown days! Simply incorporate them in your routine and you will be amazed with the results! 

1) Try to move your car

This really depends on how much space or the area where you have parked your car.  Try to push your car in a backward or forward motion without starting the engine (we don’t want to use battery power for this). Doing this will take the pressure of your tyres. 

2) Go through a tyre inspection

Carefully examine your tyres surface area and condition of the surface. There should be no signs of cuts on the surface. If you continue to use worn-out tyres, it will make you more risk-prone to accidents and you can even face a tyre burst on the road. Other indications include bulges where the surface is uneven. You can think about getting new tyres from a garage that practices safety procedures. If you are thinking on these lines, you can get your brand new tyres today by visiting Fife Autocentre garage or call them on 01592631211.

You can see prices online and they even offer mobile fitting if you want them to come to you.

3) Keep your car in shade

UV rays from the sun can be damaging to your tyres. You should try to park under a shade so the rays can’t reach your tyres. This is a bonus tip to ensure your tyres are not damaged during the standstill phase of your vehicle. 

4) Check the tyre pressure

You have to make it a point to check the tyre pressure because that is going to badly affect your tyres. Common issues include underinflation – where the pressure is not enough and over-inflation – where the pressure is more than advised. You can achieve the right pressure by going to a local fitter.

5) Get Valve caps

Valve caps will make sure that no dirt or pollutants are putting a strain to your tyres. If a few are missing you should replace them with new ones asap.

Remember if you are in any doubt, get your car checked over by a professional before driving it on a public road!

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