55DSL AW13 ‘Once Upon a Time in Italy’

55DSL AW13

‘Once Upon a Time in Italy’ is the final instalment in the 55DSL series Kids in Italia, which has been running for the past 3 years. The spirit of the brand is Italian, original, creative, street-smart, fun and relaxed – these are also the guiding principles that drive this final film’s aesthetic and artistic sensibilities.

Concerned by the exodus of promising Italian creative talent caused by the global recession, 55DSL set out to make a short film that playfully explores the lives of a group of young people struggling to make sense of their future, the dilemmas they face and the options available to them in these uncertain times.

The AW13 video is directed by due Charlie Robins & Joe Alexander and has been created as their vision of a modern-day fairytale.

Andrea Rosso (55DSL founder) said about the 55DSL’s film series, ‘Kids In Italia’ has always been about giving brilliant, talented young creatives a global platform to share their vision. We’ve worked with individuals from all over the world and now, to round off the ‘Kids in Italia’ it was important to me to revisit what it means to be young & creative in 55DSL’s home country: Italia. 

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