The first look at the Philips x Bowers & Wilkins OLED + 903

When it comes to their television range, Philips TV have also pushed the boundaries in both design and technology.  The Amblilight system for example really changed the viewing experience, making it more immersive and captivating.

For the release of their latest flagship product the OLED+ 903, Philips TV have teamed up with Bowers & Wilkins to once again take things to the next level.  The new partnership brings together decades of visual and sound expertise and experience and the result is a completely redeveloped viewing experience that is superior to anything that has been offered before.

Until now, the sound offered by television sets has never been mind-blowing.  Even some of the highest spec models have struggled to offer anything close to ‘true sound’ and often require the addition of a soundbar or sound system to give it the needed boost.  The addition of the Bowers & Wilkins sound system in the OLED+ 903 have changed all that.

All of the B&W sound drivers have been improved and are housed in improvised, stiffer enclosures, this results in sharper, less distorted overall sound output.  The versatility has been highly considered too, so it won’t matter whether you are watching a blockbuster movie or if you’re listening to your favourite album from Spotify, you can expect to enjoy strong playback.

The Philips OLED+ 903 uses a new processor to ensure that the picture quality, the brightness, the sharpness and the contrast are always at the optimum level to provide the most detailed output as possible.

The Everyday ManThe Everyday ManThe Everyday ManPhilips TV don’t just have a focus on advanced technology, they are also very invested in making products which look really good too.  This unit is sleek and understated but has an undoubtedly premium appearance and would fit seamlessly in even the most sophisticated environment.

There’s more to come from this unit too, with a soon to be available software upgrade said to offer Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa connectivity meaning that you’ll be able to easily control it from your google or amazon device.

I’m off for a proper look at the OLED+ 903 at a special unveiling in London this evening so make sure that you’re following my Instagram Story for an up-close look at the product and for my first impressions.

For more information on the Philips TV range, click here to head over to the Philips website.


This is a partnership post in collaboration with Philips Television

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