The Basics of Men’s Jewellery + How to Wear It

Thomas Sabo Watch

When it comes to wearing jewellery it seems that a lot of guys are split right down the middle.  Some of us are already embracing men’s silver rings, earrings (and other piercings), necklaces and the likes while the rest of us prefer a slightly more minimal look.  One thing that most of us agree on though is that a strong watch is an essential item to finish off our look.

A watch is key

Watches are the piece of jewellery that is most likely to catch someone’s eye.  Watches tend to be larger than other pieces of jewellery and are also worn on your wrist which is an area that catches people’s eye as you go about your day to day business.

It’s essential that you find a style that not only suits your look but also a style that fits your wrist.  It may go without saying but if you have small wrists avoid large faced watches and likewise if you have larger wrists avoid anything too small.  If your arms are particularly hairy you might prefer a leather strap, as these are less likely to catch and pull the hairs as you move.

Thomas Sabo Watch

Thomas Sabo Watch

Thomas Sabo Watch

Add a bracelet, or 2

After watches, I think bracelets are pretty easy to wear.  You can pick up a few beaded or silver men’s bracelets and interchange these depending on the occasion or your own personal style.  There are no specific rules when it comes to wearing bracelets; it’s more about what you feel comfortable with so you do have some scope here to experiment.  Teaming a beaded bracelet with a watch can look great or simply wearing a few different ones together on your opposite wrist works well too.

Anything else?

Of course, it’s more a case of what suits you; there are not really any right or wrong answers when it comes to men’s jewellery.  Rings, necklaces and earrings can look great on the right person or with the right outfit. Don’t be afraid to experiment and try different styles on.  I think of jewellery in the same way I think of sunglasses, sometimes the styles that look great on the shelf don’t suit you and sometimes those that you don’t expect to actually look great.

Thomas Sabo Watch

A great place to start looking for some really masculine men’s jewellery is the Rebel At Heart Collection at Thomas Sabo.  The range brings together edgy designs crafted from blackened 925 Sterling silver, matched with masculine materials such as leather and black synthetic zirconia.  You can pick up some iconic styles likes the Thomas Sabo men’s skull ring, engraved bracelets and timepieces.


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