The Bosch FreshUp is a quick new way to refresh your clothes

Bosch FreshUp

We’ve all been there. You’re running late for an important event or meeting and just as your pull out the jacket that you had planned on wearing you realise that you can smell the remnants of the last event you wore it to.

In this situation, I’d normally enter panic mode and start frantically searching my wardrobe for an alternative but there is some good news as the boffins at Bosch have come up with a neat new quick fix!

The Bosch FreshUp is a brand new gadget that uses plasma technology to refresh your clothes and textiles at home or on the go. There’s no water, chemicals or detergents used in the process at all which means that your favourite garments will be protected, even those made from delicate fabric.

Even those ever-annoying, dry clean only fabrics can be given a once over with the FreshUp, it’s that gentle on them. You can even use it on something that you’re wearing.

The fully rechargeable Bosch FreshUp device is super lightweight, compact – think roughly the size of the average smartphone – and can refresh a garment in seconds. It’s so sleek in fact, that you could slide it inside an inner suit jacket pocket without anyone noticing.

I can already see this becoming one of my travel must-haves as the ability to quickly refresh some core items in my wardrobe after each wear means that I won’t have to pack as much stuff.

The Bosch FreshUp is available exclusively from the Bosch online store priced at £249.99.


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