The Braun Waterflex Put to the Test

Braun Waterflex

Like many of you when I want a close shave (not that it happens much these days) I turn to my trusty Mach3 razor.  I never really feel that an electric razor can quite do the job the same.  Sure they are convenient and often cause me less skin irritation but the results never quite compare.  I do however enjoy trying the latest technology in the hope that one such model may compare slightly more favourably.

Braun has just released their Waterflex electric shaver and seems to merge the boundary between wet and dry shaving.  The Waterflex can, in fact, be used with water, shaving foam or gel – this lubricant helps lift the hair and aides in a smooth close shave similar to that you would get with a traditional razor.  You can use it in the shower even which is great if you find yourself in a rush.

So how does measure up?  Well, I liked the swivel head which was great for getting into the contours of the face, it seems to glide well too without any signs of discomfort or irritation.  A big plus point for me.  Of course, as you are using this wet (or dry) the addition of an anti-slip grip section means that you always remain in control.  You can easily keep a track of the battery status too with the LED lights meaning you are never left in the lurch.

The Braun WaterFlex is available in four colours now from priced from £159.99.

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