Debenhams Launch Guide to Help Men Find The Perfect White Shirt

A plain white shirt is a wardrobe essential for the everyday man – but what style of shirt should you wear to various different occasions?  The cut, material and general style can make all the difference.  If you choose correctly you will look the part, choose the wrong style and you will end up looking like you borrowed something from your old man’s wardrobe for your big date…not a good look

Debenhams Guide to the perfect mens white shirt date night weddings interview work

Debenhams have put together a guide which will help the everyday man understand the subtle differences in the various options of shirts available from the style of material and cuffs to collar and fit.  The guide is broken down into 4 categories – date night, wedding, interview and everyday work and provides tips on which collar gives you the most tie options, which weave is best for making an impression, and how to power dress in the subtlest of ways.

Paul Baldwin, Director of Menswear Buying at Debenhams, said: “Every man needs a white shirt in his wardrobe, but not every man knows how to make the most of one. The simplicity of the white shirt doesn’t mean you can’t make a statement.

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