Ditch the smartphone and pick up a puzzle!

man doing a jigsaw

I don’t think I’ve ever spent so much time at home as I have this year. As much as it’s been good to have that some extra downtime, it can be tricky to find tasks and jobs to keep the old mind occupied.

It can be easy to fall into one of those never-ending smartphone slumps where you aimlessly scroll app after app for hours on end achieving nothing much. Instead, I recommend trying to find something to keep your mind active.

Of course, we all have different motivation and skill levels so it’s not easy to decide to just take on a huge new DIY project or to study for a new qualification online.

This may sound a little bit lame but hear me out, have you thought about trying a jigsaw puzzle? It may be quite some time since you tried one, you may even have been a kid at the time but there are plenty of puzzles out there for adults too.

With the gifting season right around the corner, what better gift to give a loved one. Not only does completion give a great sense of achievement but it’s something to get stuck into and believe me, it’s amazing how quickly the time can pass once you start puzzling!

You could even get a customized jigsaw puzzle featuring a family portrait or a memory from a past trip. I know that’s the kind of thing that most grandparents, in particular, would love!

Once you complete your puzzle and believe me you’ll get there, you can frame it and show it off or pass it on to a friend to try their hand at too!

Happy puzzling!


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  2. Rajat Dhameja

    Excellent idea. All of us need some device detox and reconnect with our inner child. Puzzles are a good way to spend time with family and with ourselves.

  3. Ahsen Ayyaz

    this looks mind refreshing. good work

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