Domino’s Revolutionises Pizza Delivery with Jet Suit Trials at Glastonbury

Dominos delivery Glastonbury

Domino’s debuts world-first jet suit pizza delivery at Glastonbury, stunning onlookers in Somerset. Collaborating with Gravity Industries, Domino’s transformed a delivery driver into a pilot, soaring over the fields with a custom-made jet suit delivery box.

The trial coincided with Glastonbury’s music festival which takes place this weekend featuring the original rocketman, Elton John as the headliner on Sunday. The innovative service aims to fulfil a raft of unconventional pizza requests from festival-goers every year.

Captivating footage of the pilot in the iconic Domino’s suit, helmet, and custom jetpack has unsurprisingly gone viral. After securing pizzas in the delivery box, the pilot used the jet-engine powered arm mounts to deliver them to hungry campers. Each jet suit, worth hundreds of thousands of pounds, was tailored for Domino’s to ensure hot and fresh pizzas.

The official film showcases the breathtaking experience of the Domino’s Jet Suit Pizza Pilot hovering over the Somerset hills against the iconic Glastonbury Pyramid Stage. This pioneering trial has generated excitement among pizza enthusiasts and festival-goers, eagerly anticipating the future of sky-high pizza delivery.

Are you that much of a pizza nut that you’d want someone to go to these lengths to deliver to you?

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