Essential Gym Accessories

Gym Bag Essentials
Photo by Matt Woodhouse

January is the month many beginners use their gym memberships for the first time after a food filled Christmas. With the “New Year, new start” mentality in full effect, here are the essential gym accessories you will need to bring with you on your next trip.


The biggest mistake gym members make when attending the exercise room is not bringing a bottle of water with them. It is very important to keep yourself well hydrated whilst taking part in any exercise, especially if your body is not familiar with working out at a high intensity. Most gyms have water fountains in their facilities, but it’s always good to have a bottle of water within arm’s reach.


Gyms can get really busy and stuffy at times, especially during the peak times after 5:00pm. If you intend on doing high interval training or using any of the cardio machines, then having a small towel or armband can help you control your sweat.


Some people love them, and some dislike them. It is a decision you come to on your own. Gloves are handy for beginners as they help prevent calluses and any other damage to the skin. Damage can be caused by the grip on the dumbbells tearing the skin and being uncomfortable. You have been warned.


Easily distracted? The gym can be an intimidating place to go. Weight lifters grunt when pushing their bodies to the limit and some will just….stare. To get in your own zone bring along your music player and place it into your music holder, usually strapped around your arm or waist. It makes jogging and exercise a lot more comfortable without the jingle of you Ipod or phone in your pocket.


This may be more important to some then others. Carrying a small note pad can be annoying at the gym, but it allows you to keep a record of your maximum lift or how long you were on the treadmill for and at what level. It is a good way to set reminders of your progression.


Last but not least, if you intend on showering at the gym after your workout, then ensure you bring a lock. Most gyms don’t allow you to carry a bag around with you. They also do not provide lockers that lock by themselves. Leave your mind at ease and lock away all your belongings.


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