Five things we love this week: Aime, Rflct, The Ivy, Kurt Geiger Sneaks + BLEU DE CHANEL Moisturiser

Aime L’Homme (skin + energy) Supplements

The Multivitamins market can at times seem a bit overwhelming. There are loads of brands out there promising you all sorts of benefits but knowing which ones are actually doing you any good is not that easy. The benefits that they offer are not always obvious to the eye.

After trying most of the big-name brands, I recently gave the Aime L’Homme (skin + energy) Supplements a try. These are a fairly new brand but after seeing a lot of good press around them I wanted to see what all the fuss was about for myself.

You take 2 in the morning either with or without food and get on with your day. The thing that I liked most (and noticed instantly) was that they had absolutely none of that nausea feeling that you can sometimes get from these products. They went down easily and didn’t come back on me at all.

The supplements include milk thistle, maca, resveratrol, lactobacillus, magnesium and vitamin c, vitamin b and zinc.

It’s £30 for 60 capsules from

Rflct Mirrored Screen Protector

I’ve been using tempered glass screen protectors ever since I got my iPhone X almost 2 years ago but have not had a lot of luck with them. Sure, they have kept my actual phone screen safe, but I’ve had to replace them every few weeks due to cracks and scratches.

Most recently I picked up the Rflct Mirrored Screen Protector online and it (so far) seems to be a lot more hard-wearing. The actual piece of glass itself feels thicker and more substation so I guess that is why it seems to be lasting that bit longer.

The other great thing about Rflect is that when your phone is locked it doubles as a mirror.

They are £25 and available from the Rflect online store.

The Ivy Glasgow

The Ivy Glasgow

The Ivy Glasgow is the latest outpost to join the ever-growing Ivy family in the UK. Located on Buchanan Street, The Ivy has opened its doors in a former bank.

As well as their signature drinks and food items, the menu includes some local specials including a number of Scottish inspired cocktails – we recommend the strawberry and basil daiquiri which is made with Scottish strawberry vodka.

Set over 2 floors The Ivy Glasgow offers a more formal dining experience on the ground floor and a much livelier bar vibe on the 1st floor with a DJ booth, light up onyx bar and private event space.

To book call 0141 378 1200 or visit

Kurt Geiger Valadez White Sneakers

Regular readers will know just how excited we get over a pair of boxfresh white sneakers!

This summer with the trend in chunky dad trainers still in full blow it has been a tad harder than normal to locate a nice pair of clean, white, classic sneakers but as always Kurt Geiger has continued to deliver a few great options.

The Donnie continues to be a favourite but for something different, the Valadez is a great choice worn with either a smart or casual.

The Valadez sneaker is available now, priced £99 from or Kurt Geiger online.

Bleu de Chanel 2 In 1 Moisturiser

If you’re a fan (like we are) of the Bleu de Chanel fragrance, then you’ll be delighted to hear that that now have a range of skincare products to complement.

The Bleu de Chanel 2-in-1 Moisturiser for Face and Beard is a quickly absorbed moisturiser that hydrates the entire face in a single step. Even if you have a beard of thick stubble, this will leave your skin feeling great for up to 8 hours.

It’s a great new addition to our washbag!

You can pick up a 50ml bottle priced at £39 from

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