Getting Your Garden Ready for Socially Distanced Summer Entertaining

entertaining in your garden

As more restrictions ease, looking forward to catching up with friends and family this summer will soon be a reality. The need to meet in our gardens will be around for some time, and so it makes sense to get your garden ready and looking great so that it can be the inviting space you need. Look at our tips and tricks and get your garden ready for guests!

Plan for the UK Weather

Sometimes the best-laid plans can go awry when the UK weather gets involved! Scorching sun can quickly turn to a downpour, and when the evening comes, the cold can leave guests feeling like they need to leave. Aside from having umbrellas and sunscreen on tap, there are some simple steps you can take to ensure your garden meet is never a washout.

Installing comfy and padded chairs will keep guest comfy, and adding patio umbrellas will be able to help keep everyone dry or sheltered from the sun. Plus, when it starts to get cold, you can pass around the blankets that fit the style of your outdoor space. Look for quality blankets from the likes of Atkinson Blankets  that will last for years and provide additional warmth for those cold evenings.

Freshen Up Your Outdoor Living

Over the last year, many of us have turned out attention to keeping the interior of our homes spruced up but sorting the garden has felt pointless. Now is the time to freshen up your garden by getting yourself an Electric chainsaw to cut and trim trees so that it looks as inviting as possible.

Start by cleaning and decluttering the space – weeding, sweeping and pressure washing to give everything a well-manicured look. Check that all your pots are in good condition, your plants are thriving and that any tree or bush pruning that is needed gets completed.

Once the space is organised, it is time to turn your attention to your garden furniture. Start by making sure everything still works as it should and then thoroughly clean every inch. If the cushions have seen better days, then it may be worth investing in a new set from an outdoor cushion specialist such as Armadillo Sun so that your garden is spotless and ready for some summer soirees!

Invest in Beautiful Lighting

Lighting is not only a functional addition to an outdoor space, but it also offers you the chance to create the atmosphere that you want your guests to enjoy. Start by considering where you need light when the sun goes down – this could be along paths, around the seating area and in key locations to highlight any plant or tree that creates interest for your guests.

It is also vital to consider how your lights will be powered. Choosing battery operated lights could become expensive and electrical options will leave your plugs full up. However, there is a huge range of solar lights that will keep your space lit without draining your pocket.

When you know where you need light and how you will power them, you need to decide the right type of lighting for each area. Twinkling fairy lights along your fences, path lanterns that show the way, faux candles can create mood, and large light bulbs look great strung up around the seating area. Whatever lighting you choose, they are all great ways to draw the interest of your guest!

Consider Shelter Options

If you plan on spending as much time outdoors as possible, then it may be worth investing in a shelter so that you don’t constantly have to pack and unpack furniture for each meet up. Choose from budget-friendly gazebos to light and airy summerhouses and create a space outdoors that protects everyone from the elements.

When you decide to move forward with buying a shelter, take the time to consider the size you need to include the ability to socially distance. Doing this will ensure that everyone can comfortably enjoy your event without worrying about their health, and you will have a shelter that works for all occasions!

Enjoy Stress-Free and Safe Entertaining Spending some time preparing your garden for this summer will reduce any lingering stress you may have over the pandemic and mean that no matter how messy your house is, there will always be somewhere ready and inviting for your guests! Once everything is complete, you can sit back and start to enjoy safe entertaining all summer long

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