Graduation gift ideas that show you care

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University is an exciting time for most students but requires hard work and dedication. Reaching the end of a degree and graduating should always be celebrated.

Whether the gift is for your child, partner or friend, acknowledging their achievement will mean the world to them. When choosing a gift, think of something that will be practical to mark the occasion in a way that won’t be forgotten.

If you’re looking for some graduation gift inspiration, we’ve got you covered. Here are a few of our favourite gift options that will show the graduate in your life just how much you care.

A statement piece of jewellery

Anything from gold chains to rings and bracelets can make a great graduation present. Not only are these well-crafted and likely to be kept for a long time, but they are also a constant reminder of your affection.

There’s also the option of a luxury timepiece that will see them well as they venture into their new career. There’s no doubt that a luxury branded model is sure to take your loved one’s breath away. You could even have this personalised or engraved, leaving a congratulatory message to remind the recipient of their achievement and what the future holds for them.

Personalised artwork

A personalised art print is a highly unique and meaningful gift that you can design yourself or leave in the capable hands of an online retailer. You may decide to include an image of the two of you together or simply leave a touching message or note.

This not only provides them with a reminder of your affection, but it also demonstrates that you’ve taken considerable time and effort to create something special. We all know those moving into their first home love something meaningful to hang in their room as a reminder of good times.

A drink they’ll remember

The only thing that tops a bottle of the good stuff has to be a personalised alcohol bottle with the recipient’s name on the label. There are so many options to choose from including prosecco, gin and wine – or a fine brand of champagne if you really plan to celebrate.

The majority of these also come with a gift, such as a glass or flute, which you can personalise with whatever message you want. Whether it’s a quote you both love using on a daily basis or you want to wish them congratulations, the options are endless.

A much-needed spa day

Getting to the end of a degree is tough, involving very late nights and countless hours of studying. The soon-to-be graduate will really appreciate the opportunity to relax and unwind, and what better way to do this than on a spa trip?

You can get involved yourself and spend some well-deserved time together. Most spas will offer packages as well that include massages, treatments and access to facilities, like the sauna and steam room. These treatments are a sure way to help them feel revitalised at the end of a long slog and get them ready for any job interviews on the horizon.

Regardless of what you get up to, it’s still a fabulous day out that they’re sure to appreciate!

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