Working out at Gymbox can help you grow…taller!

Gymbox have launched ‘A-Grow-Bics! in their Farringdon branch in London which guarantees that you will grow 2cm in height or you can claim your £200 sign up fee back. I realise that this sounds a little too good to be true and perhaps downright crazy but it seem’s that they have done their research and this really does work!



We all know that size matters to most bodybuilder’s with everyone keen to add size but what if it could help you add not only inches to your biceps but also to your height. A-Grow-Bics lasts 6 weeks and is taken but Gymbox trainer Pierre Pozzuto who grew 3.15cm’s in height whilst he devised the programme. The class incorporates inversion exercises, repeat sprinting, pilates, resistance exercises, high intensity cardio and yoga.



The six week course will be held at GYMBOX Holborn branch, at a cost of £200 and is bookable via or via calling 0845 241 5220




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