Head on a journey to the future of clubbing with ABSOLUT Electrik


I don’t know if it’s just because I’m getting old but the clubbing scene in recent years seems to have gone a little bit flat. Rafts of the same venues and nights have sprung up across the country with no real individuality or selling points. Thankfully, ever so often comes along a night to get excited about with something different to offer.

Summer may be jam-packed with festivals, daytime parties and other large-scale events but winter really is the true party season. The peak of course comes towards end December but early next month Absolut will be hosting something truly unique to kick off the winter party calendar.

To celebrate the launch of Absolut’s latest limited edition bottle, ‘Absolut Electrik’ (a rather cool design-led twin bottle pack in both electrik blue and silver, with semi-transparent coating creating see-through reflections) they are putting on this one off event in London on the 19th of November. #ElectrikLondon shall provide a hyper sensory, mixed reality look into the nightlife of the future which has been curated by Absolut alongside design studio Marshmallow Laser Feast and independent record label R&S Records. In a night unlike any other you will be taken on a 360° journey where the venue will be transformed through visual reality. It certainly sounds like it will trump another night down the local!

The beats will be provided across three rooms with sets from Leon Vynehall, Lone, Space Dimension Controller and Moiré and will drive the LED projections throughout the space. As for the drinks on offer, well they will be of the experimental variety too and have been created by Absolut’s ambassador and mixologist Rico Dynan to act as an introduction to each experience. They include the Coffee Tonik, Absolut Mule and the Electrolyte, created using Absolut, Coconut Water, Lime Juice, pineapple syrup and blue curacao. Mine is most definitely an Electrolyte!!

If you want to get involved you have until the 5th of November to register for tickets at absolut.com. For more information follow @AbsolutUK on twitter or check the hashtag #ElectrikLondon.

Always drink responsibly.

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