How CBD Has Transformed The Beauty Industry Over The Years

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CBD’s era in the beauty industry has arrived. With an established presence in aromatherapy, the beauty industry is now jumping on board the CBD bandwagon. With sales in CBD products practically doubling in the past couple of years, beauty companies believe CBD will not be a passing trend.

Despite being a rising trend, there are still those unsure about what CBD is. It is short for cannabidiol and is one of more than 80 compounds called cannabinoids extracted from the cannabis Sativa plant.

Over the past few years, CBD has had a roaring success. With each passing month, more brands and consumers are noticing the positive impact CBD can have.

Influence It Has On Beauty Industry

Everyone has a strong desire to remain beautiful, as they want to maintain their skin in peak condition. To date, CBD has shown consumers that it can offer a range of great benefits associated with this. As a result, numerous beauty products, all diverse in type, have started to add CBD to their ingredient list. Some of these beauty products include sleep masks, shampoos and blemish creams to name a few.

Consumers are becoming increasingly more aware of what is in the products they are using. They are conscious of the impact the ingredients could have on both their health and the environment. Due to this increasing awareness, many are turning towards more natural solutions to include in their beauty routines. To meet this rising demand, many organic and natural beauty brands are starting to incorporate CBD into most of their products.

More Brands On The Market

During the early rise of CBD, many CBD products or infused products were predominantly available from CBD brands that were starting to branch out into the beauty industry. As the demand for CBD products quickly began to rise, so did the number of new brands offering CBD beauty products. Many of the larger, mainstream brands have not yet joined the CBD bandwagon.

The main target audience for many of these CBD beauty brands are younger generations, specifically, millennials and Generation Z. Skincare is becoming a highly valued market, with both generations investing in various products. With any new product launch or a product that receives an overwhelmingly positive response, many of those in these two generations will have purchased it. Included in this are CBD based products.

CBD has been marketed to them as an all-in-one ingredient to unify their current skincare routine. An attractive factor for those looking to create a solid skincare regime, in which all of the products they use work seamlessly together.

Ways To Use CBD In Beauty

There are various ways in which CBD can be used in beauty. Currently, there is an overwhelming number of products available on the market that are CBD based or have been infused with it. However, there are other ways to incorporate CBD into a beauty regime that require you to mix in CBD oil.

Mixed Into Current Products – Applying a CBD face oil directly onto the skin can sound daunting for some. Many are worried about a potential reaction it could cause. A popular option many uses is diluting the oil by adding it to their favourite moisturiser. It is a great way to still get the benefits of using CBD face oil on their skin. During the cold winter months, or in the summer weather our skin could use a little more support than usual. Adding a few drops of CBD face oil into a small amount of your regular moisturiser, mix and apply normally, then it can be the pick-me-up your skin is craving.

Apply CBD Oil With Face Tools – The younger generations are some of the biggest consumers of skincare. Their desire to maintain youthful looks has led to them spending more time, and money, on beauty products to create their ideal skincare routine. One product that has received a lot of attention is a jade roller. The gentle rolling motion of the jade roller massages the face. It helps to increase circulation, helping to reduce puffiness. Many are starting to pair their jade roller with CBD face oil. They use the roller to massage the oil onto the skin, making for a smoother and easier facial massage.

Consume CBD Oil Drops – Many individuals at some stage in their life will have suffered from acne. There are various reasons as to what can trigger an acne breakout, such as bacteria and genetics. An alternative method that could help treat acne is by consuming CBD oil drops. It could help in treating breakouts due to its ability to reduce sebum production, as well as its anti-inflammatory properties. It is an affordable route, especially when there is CBD oil for sale from brands such as NaturallyCBD. With the possibility of helping to reduce the appearance of acne, it is a worthy alternative route to try.

Boost Your Makeup – Aside from skincare, a CBD face oil can be mixed into either a tinted moisturiser or a regular foundation. If you find that your foundation is drying your skin out, add a few drops of CBD face oil to achieve a light and natural luminous skin look. The result will be a lighter coverage look that is both moisturising and radiant.

CBD Oil Cuticle Care – For those with dry or cracked nailbeds, consider adding a drop of CBD oil to the tops of each nail. Where the nail meets the skin, add a few drops there and rub it in. The oil will help to moisturise that area and make it look healthy. CBD oils are an excellent choice to help strengthen nails and aid in healthy regrowth. Another way to apply is soaking nails in olive oil and a few drops of CBD oil.

Benefits Of Using CBD Products In Skincare

When buying any CBD skincare product, look for words in the ingredients list indicating that there is actual CBD used in the formula These words include: CBD, hemp CBD and hemp extract oil. Incorporating CBD into skincare brings with it a plethora of benefits, some of these include:

  • Reducing Occurrence Of Breakouts – CBD might help in reducing inflammation of breakouts. Additionally, the oil production regulation of CBD could help in reducing breakouts overall.
  • Help With Sensitive Skin – CBD has substantial skin-calming effects, which can help with minimising issues related to skin sensitivity. Its soothing mechanism is often used to helping keep a person’s skin in check.
  • Boosting Hydration – The moisturising properties found in CBD can help combat dehydration and dryness on the skin.

The Bottom Line

Due to the various ways, it can help an individual in their beauty regime, whether it is skincare or makeup, CBD is becoming a staple product for many. It is also becoming increasingly more established in many beauty ingredients. With more well-established brands, ones who were previously hesitant about CBD, expected to enter the space, the projected sales of CBD is likely to soar. Aside from this, it will also reach a wider customer base, which will likely increase the number of consumers incorporating CBD into their beauty routines.

The future of CBD within beauty looks to be bright and glowing. By incorporating CBD products into your routine, so will your skin.

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