How to Add Some Class to Your City Home

dark paint living room

Is your home lacking a touch of class? Don’t worry; you don’t need to do a complete revamp. However, you can make some quick and easy touches to bring your home to life. Today, homeowners want a fresh, refined and timeless space, and you can have that too. Keep on reading to find out how.

Hang a pendant light

‌‌Pendant lights are a great way to add a touch of class to your home. They offer the perfect finishing touch to a scheme that will transform your space from ordinary to an area that’s inviting and makes a statement. Pendant lighting is considered the ‘maximalist’ approach to home decor because it’s bold but equally beautiful and allows for a central focus in any room. You can hang a pendant light in the living room, above your kitchen island, or at your hallway entrance. It’s important to think about space and your ceiling height, too – you don’t want a fixture that’s too small or too big.

Use dark paint

‌We know what you’re thinking – dark paint? Yes, really! It’s not all about neutrals. Dark paint and interiors can completely transform the mood of your home. Dark paint highlights and accentuates your accessories, furniture and lighting and can help your home become a place of relaxation and escapism. How dark you go depends on your room choice and the size, so choose wisely. For your living room, we recommend dark grey as it’s a neutral colour and can be paired with many accessories. For bedrooms, a moody, intimate palette, such as dark navy blue with grey undertones, can work wonders.

Add crown moulding

Crown moulding is a cornice created out of decorative moulding installed at the top of a room’s border. It’s a beautiful, less-is-more decorative element which can add sophistication to any room and create a central focal point. Is your kitchen missing that finishing touch? Why not add crown moulding where the cabinets meet the ceiling, to heighten the room and create an eye for detail? Likewise, crown moulding can also help to hide cables and wires around your home, a popular option for many.

Include an antique rug

‌‌Antique rugs aren’t just throwaway items, you can find many options on Etsy. There is beauty in many of these rugs; believe it or not, they can completely transform your space into elegance and sophistication. Not only do antique rugs last a long time, but they’re also incredibly versatile, with an endless choice of colours and patterns. Additionally, there is an antique rug for just about any colour palette, taste or scheme so you won’t struggle! Plus, many authentic oriental rugs are heirloom pieces.


Our homes are where we spend a significant amount of our time, whether we’re watching a new series on Netflix, hosting a dinner party with friends, or checking out games like the big bass bonanza slot at Platincasino. It’s crucial to create a space that is both welcoming and elegant while still being comfortable. Whether you’ve recently entered the housing market or are looking to revamp your living space, these tips are more important than ever.

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