How to Choose a Mobile Phone for Gaming

man in black crew neck t shirt playing mobile game

Mobile gaming is on the increase. More people around the world are using their devices as their primary method of entertainment as well as communication. Thus, the quality of the phone has become more important. Below, we discuss what factors to look out for in a gaming phone. 


When it comes to gaming, the display is crucial. Strike a balance between getting a phone with a screen big enough to play on, but one that is small enough to still be portable. A smaller screen also means smaller controls, so those with bigger hands and fingers will need to size up. 

The higher the resolution, the better and more crisp your graphics will be. At the very minimum, you want 1280 x 720 PPI. The higher the PPI, the more clarity you will get. While this is important if you are playing games like first-person shooters, even casual games are now getting crisp animations that will transform your experience when playing with a high PPI. Even iGaming products like bingo have stunning graphics to complement the array of games on offer. Many bingo apps can run on lesser screens, but you will see a huge difference and enjoy them much more when you switch to an increased PPI. 

Another display factor to consider is the touch sampling rate. This is the speed at which the screen reacts to your touch and commands. You will need at least 180Hz for any sort of competitive gaming. 

Internal Factors

The workings of the inside of the phone are just as important as the display. Like with a computer, you need RAM so the system has a healthy and quick short-term memory. At least 8GB RAM is recommended, though the more this increases the better and smoother playing will be. Processing also dictates the speed of your phone and its reactions. Aim for chips that have 2.15GHz and upwards, or even combine processors into dual and multiple cores. 

The more powerful the phone will be and the more gaming you do, the hotter it can get, bringing its own problems. Gamers call this throttling, as it hurts the processor when a phone gets hot. Many phones have advanced cooling mechanisms, some of which may be great but some of which may not work at all. The best thing to do here is to check out independent reviews and ask gamer friends if they have used different models and found any issues. 

Battery Life

The longer you play, the more the juice is going to deplete. If you use your phone for gaming on long journeys and you are not near a charging station, then battery life is essential. The higher the phone’s specification, the more likely battery is to drain so you may want to consider striking a balance. A 4500MAH battery will ensure longer gaming hours

Make sure you head online and do some research before you buy. Check independent reviews and ask questions in forums. You are sure to find one that is ideal for you. 

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