How to put your own stamp on a property

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When you move into a new property, it often feels like you are living in a holiday let. Even when you have installed your own furniture within the space, there is an inescapable feeling of being a guest in someone else’s home – not the atmosphere you want when you are trying to celebrate and settle in. While it might take some time, one of the best ways to help you feel at home is to put your own stamp on the property so that it reflects your personality and effortlessly supports your way of life. Get inspired with this guide to personalising your property.

Choose a theme

Your home doesn’t have to be limited to one theme – after all, we are more complex than one idea or emotion – but a sense of cohesion is essential in making the space feel wholly your own. Decide whether you are drawn to the clean lines and smooth textures of minimalism or prefer a cosy vibe with a more rustic edge. You could even go for a more niche theme such as pop art or art deco if that embodies your personality.

Include unique touches

It sounds obvious but featuring unique pieces will ensure that your home feels individualised to you. Especially when you have to furnish your home all in one go, it is easy to stock up on all the essentials from the popular chains rather than seeking out special pieces which can leave your property with a showroom feel. Seek out independent businesses who provide made-to-order furniture, and don’t be afraid to be inventive with basic appliances such as upgrading to sleek and stylish vertical radiators or an unusual gas hob.

Be confident with colour

Particularly in a new build house, there is an overwhelming use of the colour white – on the walls, on the floors, and in the brand-new bathroom. Simply introducing colour into the property will go a long way to transforming the space to reflect your tastes. Do not be afraid to go bold, particularly in the living areas where there is no danger of the colour disrupting your sleep. While darker colours can shrink a space, they can also provide definition and will elevate the overall style.

Use daring décor

Last but not least, get characterful when you are choosing your décor. Pictures, ornaments, and even textiles all work together to create a particular atmosphere and are the easiest way to represent the things you enjoy and are passionate about. Younger homeowners may prefer to incorporate framed posters rather than pictures which can be expensive or even stand out from the crowd with illuminated wall art. Rugs, blankets, and cushions are a great way to introduce patterns and complement or juxtapose the overall design of the room, depending on what you are trying to achieve.

The key to putting your own stamp on a property is character and confidence. It may take some time to collate all of the pieces that you need, but the result will be a home that feels totally your own.

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