The HP Lounge with Aluna George & Jack Garrett celebrates the new HP Spectre

HP Lounge Jack Garrett

Just last month I attended the New York Times International Luxury Goods Conference in Versailles, France to see the wraps come off of the brand new HP Spectre laptop. The beautiful new computer is not only one of the worlds most advanced on the market it is also the worlds thinnest laptop. You may think that beautiful is a big of an odd way to describe a piece of technology but I am so obsessed with its aesthetics that it seemed apt!

Last week to celebrate the imminent arrival of the new HP Spectre here in the UK they threw a very special event in London. The night itself provided a chance not only to get to grips with the new HP collection including the Spectre but also to enjoy an evening of great live music in a very intimate setting.

The HP Lounge as it is known is an extension of HP’s music streaming service in collaboration with the Universal Music Group available to all HP customers. On this very special evening guests at the event were treated to an extensive live set from Aluna George and the BBC Sound of 2016 Winner Jack Garratt.  Jack’s track Weathered is a particular favourite of mine so to hear it live in such a small setting would pretty epic!

Music is of course at the core to any HP device so much so that all of their latest models including the new HP Spectre come with built-in Bang & Olufsen speakers with HP Audio Boost technology, which provides some amazingly good sound output.  That coupled with the sleek design and ultra thin casing which fits nicely into my manclutch has rocketed this new laptop right to the top of my wishlist.

HP Lounge Jack Garrett

We caught up with Jack Garrett just before his live set to ask him a few questions…

Things seem to be going amazingly well for you at the moment so congrats on that. What is your biggest goal for the remainder of this year?

To keep going through the rest of the year, there is a lot more coming up and a lot of shows. My one goal if I do have one is to be asked a similar question this time next year.

If someone has not yet listened to your music what track should they start with and why?

I would tell the to listen to Coalesce which is the first track on the album and if they like it listen to the next track and if they like that one then listen to the next track. The first 3 songs on that album are all completely different and they each showcase a different part of what I like doing.

What is it like to perform your own tracks in front of an audience?

I’ll be honest, I don’t think about it that much, but I probably should. What is more incredible is hearing people single the songs as you perform.

What was the last song (not your own) you streamed?

On the flight over here I was listening to Paul Simons album ‘Still Crazy After All These Years’, which is the last thing I remember listening to.

What does your ‘go-to’ outfit entail? Who are your style icons?

I always have fresh kicks on; I’m a bit of a sneakerhead and I always go skinnies for some reason. It’s quite basic when you think about it, new trainers, skinnies, an interesting baggy short and a snapback

HP’s big focus at the moment is reinventing obsession. What 3 things are you currently obsessed with?

I’m obsessed with keeping my shoes clean, I’m also obsessed with coffee at the moment and I don’t know what else. I’m quite an obsessive person so I feel like there should be more stuff!

We have been talking a lot about holidays this week in the office. What is your ideal destination and why?

Probably home. I don’t get to go home that much so when I do it feels like it is a holiday.

The new HP Spectre features Bang & Olufsen speakers with audio boost technology, what is your favourite film to watch when you are on the road?

I go a bit intense when I am on the road because the shows are a bit intense so when I come off I try not to watch anything that is too intense. I don’t rally watch movies instead I watch cartoons. I watch a lot of Bob’s Burgers because it’s written brilliantly and I watch a lot of South Park.

Lastly settle an argument for us please. What is the better pet –cats or dogs?

Dog! Because obviously!

HP Lounge Aluna George

HP Lounge Aluna George

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The new 13.3” HP Spectre  will be available to buy in the UK from June 2016 priced from £1149.

This post is brought to you in partnership with HP

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