Jack Wills Axes Aubin & Wills

British young fashion retailer Jack Wills is set to axe its sister brand Aubin & Wills shortly after Christmas, just 4 years since the brand began trading. Aubin & Wills was set up to offer a slightly less in your face version of the Jack Wills brand which is far less heavily branded and more fashion-oriented. Aubin & Wills is aimed at a slightly older demographic than that of the main brand.

Jack Wills sister brand Aubin & Wills

Jack Wills who is often dubbed the British Abercrombie & Fitch continue to go from strength to strength recent expanding in North America and the Far East. Aubin & Wills, on the other hand, has never really taken off in the same way as Jack and based in Shoreditch in East London have a strong emphasis on art and cinema.

The Aubin Cinema based on Redchurch Street, London which is run in conjunction with Shoreditch House provides a luxury cinema experience for 45 cinema-goers at each screening – it is unclear at this stage of the cinema’s fate.

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