Jameson & Lovers FC football shirt collection

In the heart of the grassroots football community, there’s a tapestry of roles that come together to make the game tick. From café teams to group chat captains, spreadsheet-wielding goalies to bib-dispensing defenders, and the midfielders who always get the round in – each plays a vital part. The 5-a-side cages witness the birth of legends, the pitch becomes the canvas of history, and cherished memories are etched at the local pub. These communities, rich with unsung heroes, breathe life into the women’s grassroots game.

Empowered by the trailblazing lionesses of football, local female players are stepping into the spotlight. It’s time to salute both the on-pitch and off-pitch heroes who are revolutionizing the beautiful game.

A groundbreaking collaboration has emerged between the iconic blend of Fashion x Football, Lovers FC, and the longstanding champions of grassroots football, Jameson. Together, they’ve united with three prominent grassroots teams to craft designs that boldly salute the diverse heritage of international kits.

Leading the charge, LGBTQIA+ champions Peaches FC honor the Ireland Away ’97 kit, capturing its spirit of unity and courage. In another striking move, inclusivity pioneers Ex-Girlfriend FC tip their hat to the legendary England Goalkeeper kit of 1995, marking a powerful statement in their journey to break boundaries.

Lastly, the boundary-blurring Victoria Park Vixens draw inspiration from their founder’s Australian roots, embracing the 1991 Australian home shirt and weaving a global touch into their design.

As the iconic aesthetics of Lovers FC merge with Jameson’s legacy, these designs shine as a testament to the passion and dedication of the unsung heroes who make grassroots football thrive. From café discussions to pitch battles, these designs speak volumes about the spirit of reinvention that has taken hold in the beautiful game.

Check the collection out here.

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