Listen: Aquilo ‘Never Seen You Get So Low’

Aquilo, Human, EP

There is a high chance that you are tired of me banging on about Aquilo by now but as one of my favourite duos in recent years I am afraid you will be hearing about them plenty more.  Well that is assuming that they keep producing epic tracks like their latest drop ‘Never Seen You Get So Low’.  I really hope that they do.

I had the pleasure of catching them live in the tiniest little venue in Edinburgh a few weeks back (on the very day they uploaded this track online in fact) and they were every bit as good live as they sound on their EP’s.  The simplicity of their vocal sound is really quite magic, so soft and calming.

The latest track ‘Never Seen You Get So Low’ will hopefully feature on their forthcoming debut album but you can give it a listen below:

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