Male Grooming: Preparing for a Special Event

male skincare

Over the last decade, it has become increasingly apparent that the male beauty market is on the rise. An industry traditionally dominated by and aimed toward women, beauty is now booming with men as well and businesses are striving to keep pace with the dramatic change in demand. Many factors have contributed to this shift, from societies becoming more accepting of gender fluidity to the rise of social media. Most recently, the Covid-19 pandemic sparked a worldwide surge in male beauty interest as the global population re-focused on their physical and mental health.

Now that we are free from lockdown restrictions and special events are back in business, salon owners have the opportunity to capitalise on this trend by creating beauty packages tailored exclusively to men. While for the time being products like make-up seem set to stay in the female realm, men are embracing a wide range of haircare services and Aesop skin care treatments including waxing, facials, and even nail art. Check out the most popular beauty treatments for men in 2022.


The most common trend that is continuing to flourish is male haircare which has broadened out from the traditional haircut to include beard trimming, hair styling, and body hair shaping and waxing. While hair trends fluctuate rapidly, new approaches to body hair management are rooted in health and wellbeing and therefore seem set to stay. Offering a hair-removing wax treatment for smooth long-lasting results is guaranteed to bring in bookings: particularly for special occasions such as weddings and holidays, men are relying on professional assistance to control unwanted body hair.


Details matter – and this concept is not exclusive to women. While nails may not be the first thing that people focus on, a damaged or dirty fingernail or toenail will ruin a picture of overall health, and therefore nail maintenance is becoming an increasingly common concern amongst men. Most male nail treatments focus on cleanliness, strength, and neatness, but male manicures are also on the rise due to celebrity endorsements from the likes of Harry Styles. In fact, there are over 40,000 Google searches for Harry Style’s nails each month as enthusiasts strive to emulate his latest designs.


Popular amongst all genders, having a tan has always been an indicator of health as it suggests a life lived outdoors in the fresh air and sunlight – even if it is commonly achieved using sunbeds and spray tans. Again, these treatments are a popular choice for men going to events where they want the confidence of a natural sun-kissed glow that helps teeth to look whiter and eyes appear brighter. Discuss the pros and cons of different types of tanning treatments to find the best method for your clients.


Demand for personalised beauty care was one of the top trends that emerged during the pandemic and men and women alike moved away from one-size-fits-all solutions and invested more in luxury skincare. Embrace this shift by offering facials that are targeted toward male skincare needs from reducing redness and tackling signs of fatigue to treating damage caused by shaving. There is also currently a collective interest in minimising signs of ageing, therefore it is lucrative to invest in the latest facial equipment to offer these types of treatments.

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