Mastering the Home Cinema Experience with the Sony ZF9 Sound Bar

The Everyday ManWatching a movie at home might never quite  live up to that full-blown cinema experience but it does offer some other advantages.  For starters, you can dictate the start time, you don’t need to sit through endless  back to back adverts and trailers before the film begins and most importantly you don’t need to listen to a room full of people munch their way through their oversized cinema snacks!

Last year I picked up the , it’s a great little bit of kit and it’s so small – no larger than a wifi router – that I can take it with me when I’m travelling, just in case the hotel has a small or old-fashioned TV.  All that I need to ru it is a clean white/light coloured wall.  Since I started using it to watch movies and TV shows, It’s definitely got me more into the whole ‘home cinema’ thing so when I heard about the latest release from Sony, the ZF9 sound bar I was keen to try it out too.

The Sony ZF9 Sound Bar looks fairly inconspicuous, in fact it’s pretty much like most of the others on the market but it has one very different feature as it offers ‘vertical sound’.  I guess you are wondering what on earth that is, eh?  Well, in simpler terms it just means that the sound bar emits sound in a different way (vertically) which makes it feel like it’s coming from all around you, even though it’s actually not.  This makes for a more immersive experience.

The Everyday ManThe Everyday ManThe Everyday ManLast week Sony invited me along to a wildlife reserve (of course) to watch the new Jumanji movie, while experiencing the power of the ZF9. I’m always a bit dubious about products like these and wondered how much of a difference it would really make but I can hand on heart say that this was the closest to actual cinema like sound I’ve ever experienced out-with of one.  It was crystal clear and really did fill the corners room.  During some of the action scenes, I could really feel the sound coming from above and behind.  Sony had set up the optional standalone rear speakers too, so that would of course have added a little something extra too but undoubtably the power was coming from the sound bar,

It might be the middle of summer right bit but it won’t be long until those nights start getting darker again and getting yourself one of these bad boys setup in time would make them a lot more bearable!

The Sony HT-ZF9 is in stores now priced around £649.


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